Website Tips On How To Improve Your Website?

Improve Website

Get A Beautiful Clean Look For Your Website

The reality is that beautiful websites sell more and the reason for this is that people are more inclined to buy from your website if it looks professional and they trust it. The look of your website contributes to increasing the likelihood that a browser will buy from you so make sure that you have a design or a theme that puts your website in the best light if you’re unhappy with the look of your website you can engage with the web designer and developer to give your website a new custom look or you can look to change your website theme.

When looking at a new design or a new theme, keep in mind that two to three colors across the website is enough 1 to 2 font types is enough and white space is a good thing as it enables people to stay focused on your content and not get distracted you need a designer to help you with a sizzling new look for your website as well as a few sites you can visit to find beautiful WordPress Themes.

Keep It Simple With Your Menu Items

Your website navigation is an important part of your website as this how your visitors will find information on your site and this is a case where less is more. With fewer items in your menu your visitor’s eyes are less likely to scan past the important items. My recommendation is that 5 to 8 items in the menu is enough keeping that concise.

Increase Your Website Speed

People expect a fast experience when visiting a website and if they don’t get that they’re highly likely to leave the page and complain this is not ideal because you want your users to stay on your page to learn more about you engage with your content and enquire or buy from your site. There are many factors which slow down a website, from excessive large images to inefficient plugins and code on your website to improve the speed of your website I recommend getting a good hosting provider to start off with. I love and use A2 Hosting. Secondly use Google’s page sights to analyze your site. Google’s Page Insights will highlight issues with your site that you can fix to increase its speed.

Give People Amazing Content

If you want to improve your website you need to generate more content people are looking for solutions to their problems and the more that you can demonstrate you’re able to do this the more chances of them trusting you enough to buy from you Post regular blog post, whether that’s videos, articles or infographics, people are hungry for information so fine medium that works for you in my case I like to use video and make a commitment to creating this content regularly.

Promote Your Website

I’m a strong believer that when you are first starting out in business your audience exists, they just know that you’re there yet. So in order for them to see you and hear you and discover you need to reach them by promoting your site you can do this by running a couple of Facebook add to your blog post to increase the reach of your blog you can share your blog post in facebook groups Google+ communities that are relevant to your niche, making sure you do so in a non spammy way and your blog post to your Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram accounts as well making sure that you can use the relevant hash tags so that anyone searching for the hashtag can find your content.


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