Web Hosting or Own Web Server and Hosting Website On Bigrock

Own Web Server

Shared Webhosting

This is the inexpensive and fast way to bring your web application online.

  • Advantages: Cheap and you do not have to worry about anything. The necessary software is available and the provider takes over the technical support.
  • Disadvantages: You share the server’s performance with other customers, which can lead to frequent overloads or slow load times. It is also not possible to run as administrator services.

Decided Root Server

Here you get a complete server on which you can install any software. These servers are located in large data centers.

  • Advantages: Maximum performance, the resources are not shared with other customers. Likewise, you have the full flexibility and can install any server software of your choice.
  • Disadvantages: You are completely responsible for administering the server. You must manually intervene in server crashes. You must install security updates. One has to weigh whether a web hosting or web server is worthwhile for the project. For a normal web page, webhosting is sufficient, but a web server is the best solution for a web application (script) that intervenes deeply in the server and also requires more permanent resources.

How to Host A Website On Bigrock?

Login to your account and you will find all listed domains and webspace in your account. Click on your hosting space link you will redirected to hosting configuration page. Under your Type of Hosting space “Multiple” or “single” Domain Hosting Space click on link “Manage Web Hosting”.

Hosting Panel

You will find hosting panel for the entire domain in your account. Select the domain for which you want to host a site. Open the Panel and click on File Manger link. On left hand side you will see the entire domain under your account. Click on domain on which you want to host a site now we have to upload our website file under this domain. To upload all the files at once we need to make a “zip” file only .Zip files are supported by bigrock. Now Go and upload the file. It takes few seconds to upload. Click on “More” option and extract the files “Your Done.” index.Html is the default page for bigrock sites Now Go and Check your website in browser.


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