Web.Com Web Hosting Review

Web.Com Web Hosting

Hosting Plans

Web.com is offering 3 hosting plans- Essential Hosting for about 6 USD per month targeting small business owners, unlimited data transfer and 300gb disk space. The second and recommended plan is 8usd monthly and is for medium business owners, increasing the disk space to 500gb, 500 multi user emailboxes and 50 FTP accounts. The last package for 10 USD monthly is recommended for high traffic websites. It has unlimited disk space, data transfer and FTP accounts. All plans come with only one free domain. Let`s pick the first one.

Though the panel is not the standart cPanel it looks neat and well-organized. At the left side we can see the main section menu and the Business center shortcut icons in the middle. These are quick-links of the most common used application. There is no side statistics panel showing you the disk space , data or e-mails anytime usage. At Account Overview you can manage your e-mail account and create up to 100 mailboxes and have available storage of about 5 GB.

Also you will have to manually set up your e-mail account so you can access later on. Website Builder page can help you create your website directly with their builder. At Manage Hosting section you can set a password protection or disable your shared SSL connection anytime. AT Manage Users you can control the FTP Manager and you have up to 20 FTP Accounts allowed. With the file manager you can manage your online files and access your folders.

Open Source Library

Open Source Library has a long list of the world-known platforms as wordpress, drupal, joomla and many more organized in a drop-down menu. They have one-click installation and quick set up. The advanced users can manage the feedback forms, customer error pages or the script library. At Configurations you can back up your website and take live snapshots ready to download. Schedule Task Manager allows you to schedule task manager to run programs. You can also set the frequency depending on the program you will to run.

At Domain pointers you can set additional domain names that points to your hosting account. You can install streaming media and the choice is between RealMedia and WindowsMedia. At mySQL database you can add up to 25 data bases and enable the AwStats visitors statistcs and download reports in HTML format. Domain Section allows you to check your domain information, whoever there is no option to add an additional domain. DNS page allows you to check your DNS records and create new ones.

To check your e-mail manager you need to log in the panel with the details you created in the beginning. You get a standart maibox with neat outlook and all messaging features. However if you will be building an e-commerce website with payment options you need to add Take-A-Payment option for about 10 USD per month. Online Customer Support offers AnswerCentre, SupportTickets System and BillingCentre. SupportTicket is a chat page but if you need your issues resolved quickly, you better call them. Here are the main pros:

  • Offers unlimited data transfer
  • Variety of packages
  • Fully customizable
  • Large Open Source Library
  • Free Website Builder.

But there are also some cons:

  • Additional payment for ecommerce features
  • Site builder isn’t intuitive
  • No cPanel
  • No additional domain names
  • Unresponsive Customer Support Ticket System. Web.com offers good hosting features however some of them might be a bit costly.


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