How To Install WordPress In A Server?

Install Wordpress

In this article, we are going to learn how to install WordPress from cPanel, which is the commonly available control panel in most of the premium and free hosting packages.

cPanel Interface

So let’s see how we can easily install WordPress through the cPanel interface. Here it’s written as vista panel instead of cPanel, because it is a usual practice for web hosting providers to name their own version of control panel. Here cPanel xread, is just another skin of cPanel. After entering the user name and password, click login to enter into the cPanel. Here you can see all the options that are available in a cPanel.


As a beginner, you can be a bit intimidated by seeing all these things, but what we need is a 1 click installer, which can be named as softaculous in most cPanel versions. Under software services, there is a button called softaculous, click it. Unlike we did in PC we don’t need to create a separate database and then do WordPress installation. Everything is generated with 1 click install and that’s the beauty of softaculous. Click WordPress, then click install.

I am choosing the domain and the directory as wp if you doing this in a premium hosting that you have bought, you could have linked your domain earlier, when you have bought the hosting. That domain name will be available here, when you create a WordPress website. So you don’t need to confuse yourself how this domain name has got here. Also leave the directory as empty, if you want to install WordPress directly into the domain name.

Then change the admin username and admin password. You can change the admin e-mail to your regular e-mail account or you can use any of the business e-mail account that you have created after you have switched to the new web hosting provider or after you have bought the new domain name. After entering your username and password, enter your e-mail one more time in this field to get the installation details. Then click install. The interface may not be exactly same but it will be similar from one web hosting provider to another. So you can easily install WordPress through this 1 click softaculous installer. That’s all your wordpress has got installed within seconds.

WordPress admin URL

After the installation is over, you will be displayed 2 URLs, first one is the WordPress admin URL and other one is WordPress website URL. This is how our WordPress site looks like by default and this is the WordPress login page. You can enter your username and password to login. If you click remember me, WordPress will remember you for 14 days. So for 14 days you can login into WordPress without entering the password again. That’s why you should not click ‘remember me’ if you are using a shared PC.


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