How To Install Latest WordPress On Shared Hosting Using Cpanel For Beginners?

Shared Hosting

After you have purchased your domain and hosting, login to your cpanel provided by your hosting provider.

Softaculous Installer

Scroll down to software and services you might find other installers. I have a softaculous installer, also a directly to install wordpress I’m going to click softaculous installer here it is wordpress. It might take around 22-23 MB of space on your disk click on install now if you have a SSL certificate you can choose the HTTPS or leave it as it is. Also choose a domain and I’ve set up a sample domain give the site a name, description. Make sure you choose a different admin username. It is a very good measure and security practice also the same for the password make it unique and very strong one scroll down.

If you want to choose advance options you can always go for it and you can email all the installation details like the admin URL, the site URL or the mysql URL, etc will be emailed to you or you can leave it blank. Just click on install button it’ll take around 10 to 15 seconds to install depending on your hosting provider speed. Its installed right now also for hosting you can always go for It’s a very good hosting and very affordable for more reliable and a better support option.


You can always choose Let’s get started this is the frontend link and this is Admin panel link of the website and look something like this site title, description, a sample post click on sample post, you’ll also see a sample comment. Let’s look how dashboard looks like so we have all the post can be seen here. The hello world post right here so if you’re going to install a theme, make sure you delete this post also if you deleted the post. Comment will automatically get deleted you can also delete all the pages associated with it. So this is how our sample page looks like on the default theme provided by the wordpress also deletes it if you’re going to install the new theme. So delete and there you go fresh installation of wordpress the 4.7 version. It is always recommended to update wordpress from time to time..


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